• Fast forward in production

  • Smart forward in environment

  • Thinking forward in power

  • Acting forward in development

  • Staying forward in innovation


Knowledge is power

This department sees to the day-to-day management of the production processes. It also develops, tests, and if necessary implements new techniques. Our proactive approach keeps us ahead of existing techniques, and we set the trend in new surface treatments.


Our optimised process makes it possible for us to produce 15 miles of fences a day

More than 90% of our fencing panels are exported within Europe. The various applications include: high-security, industrial fencing, sports and games in the private sector.


Accepting responsibility and treating the environment with respect

We set out to achieve minimum CO2 emissions, an environmentally friendly pre-treatment and the controlled use of raw products.


The protective coating we apply to the steel fence results in a durable end-product

Coating is our core business. The underlying production process was developed, produced and perfected in-house. The horizontal process enables us to manufacture completely automatically.


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